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  1. China has new tanks for arms export

    China has a new GL-5 hard-kill active protection system (APS), which destroyed a guided missile attacking a tank in a live fire exercise. The GL-5 system consists of four radars and fixed projectile launchers, which are attached to a tank turret for 360 degree coverage.

  2. China, Donald Trump keep expectations low ahead of trade ...

    Non-oil exports, a benchmark indicator, slumped 17.3 per cent, mainly due to declines in goods shipped to Hong Kong, China and the European Union against the broader drop for most of its top markets.

  3. Can China stop rare earths exports to the US? | Business ...

    Business Can China stop rare earths exports to the US? As China looks for ways to retaliate against the US amid an escalating trade row between the two giants, speculation is rife that Beijing gl a in china export

  4. Export General Ledger Data for China: How Data Is Exported

    The Export General Ledger Data for China: Enterprise process exports data from Oracle Fusion General Ledger for an enterprise. On successful execution of the process, data is exported in an XML file. Run the process from the Scheduled Processes Overview page from the Navigator > Tools.

  5. China exports growth slows as trade war heats up

    The Chinese economy's massive export engine is slowing down as the trade war heats up. A new salvo from the United States could push it into reverse. Growth in Chinese exports weakened to just gl a in china export

  6. Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance ...

    With Chinas surveillance know-how and equipment now flowing to the world, critics warn that it could help underpin a future of tech-driven authoritarianism, potentially leading to a loss of gl a in china export

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