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  1. Hotwire Systems | Professional foam cutting systems and , professional cnc wire cut machine

    Hotwire Systems O company specializes in the sale, maintenance and repair of equipment for cutting of the foamed polystyrene (Expanded polystyrene EPS, Extruded polystyrene XPS).). Our hot knives, hot wire polystyrene hand cutters, hot wire foam cutters and Hot wire CNC foam cutters is suitable for both ordinary and professional users.


    MegaPlot Poland is a manufacturer of CNC hot wire cutters, EPS cutting machines, PUR cutting machines, XTR Fastwire Machines as well as 3D CNC routers. We also offer CNC cutting machines for EPS, XPS, PUR, PIR, wood, plywood and more.

  3. Hot Wire Foam Cutter | Foam Coating Machine | STYROMAC

    Professional Foam Cutter. Multiwire hotwire cnc foam cutter, provide more speed, more cutting capacity, milimetric perfect smooth product surface. Find out more. CNC Foam Cutter. Hot wire cnc foam cutting machine ; HFC 2000 Comfort is the most popular version of our "Eps Polystryrene Cutting Machines" group.

  4. Professional Industrial Use EDM CNC Wire Cutting Machines , professional cnc wire cut machine

    Professional Industrial Use EDM CNC Wire Cutting Machines DK7732C-C . Max cutting speed 250mm2/min, Each 400, 000mm2 wear 0.01mm diameter wire. Best Performance in China! High Quality, High Precision. This cnc edm wire cutting machine is a medium speed electric discharge machine cnc wire cut machine, use the molybdenum wire to cut, has the , professional cnc wire cut machine

  5. Buy China CNC Diamond Wire Saw Machine for profiling and , professional cnc wire cut machine

    CNC Diamond wire saw machine, Four-Axis linkage, which can process the circular stone slab, column, numeral, letter, Chinese characters and other designed shapes. It can also used for cutting slabs and block shaping. I t is a replacement for column making machine which is more efficient and environmental. 1.

  6. CNC WIRE CUT Machine - YouTube

    cnc wire cut ~ cnc wire edm ~ wire edm ~ wire edm machine working principle - duration: 9:35. cnc cad cam academy of sigma youth engineers 13,448 views

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