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  1. Double Sided Transfer Tapes | Can-Do National Tape

    Double Sided Transfer Tapes have a release liner designed for ease of application. The acrylic adhesive film is stabilized, even though the adhesive has no carrier. Transfer tapes exhibit very high quick stick and holding power, even at elevated temperatures. Adhesive transfer tapes are used for mounting, splicing, and for closure.

  2. double sided transfer tape - New

    Soles2dance Large 24" x 36" sheets of 3M 8153LE (300LSE) super-strong double-sided adhesive/adhesive transfer tape, ideal for attaching digitizers to phones and tablets. [8153-24x36-all] 5.0 out of 5 stars 1

  3. ATG & Double-Sided Transfer Tape - Transfer Gun Tape

    ATG stands for adhesive transfer gun. This is a tool that can be used for faster and more effective tape application. You can load ATG tape such as 3M double-sided adhesive transfer tape right into the gun for easier application. This type of tape runner is popular for a number of uses, especially for scrapbooking and in the framing industry.

  4. Double Sided and Transfer Tapes Selection Guide ...

    Double Sided and Transfer Tapes Information Type of Adhesive Materials. There are several types of adhesives available. Backing or Carrier Material. Double sided and transfer tapes and films vary in termsdouble sided transfer tape Tape Specifications. When selecting tapes, there are several important specifications to double sided transfer tape

  5. heat transfer tape double sided | eBay

    1 product rating - SEKISUI 5760 Tape 100mm x 200mm Double Sided Thermal Transfer Adhesive Heat Sink

  6. Double-Sided Tape & Transfer Tape | 3F

    Double-sided 3F adhesive tapes are used for temporary and permanent applications, low and high temperatures, indoor and outdoor areas, and on polar and non-polar surfaces. On the following pages we will show you some common products that serve as an example of the many possible combinations of our modular product system.

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