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  1. Color fastness for anodized aluminum parts - Finishing

    Color fastness for anodized aluminum parts. It could be too thin a layer of anodize, but the depth of color of the dye would not be the same. Talk to you anodizer. He has a problem and should be eager to solve the problem, especially if there is a small possibility that you will take your business elsewhere if he can't solve the problem.

  2. ALL RED ANODIZED AR-15 PARTS - Tactical Gun Parts

    red anodized ar-15 gun parts . all red anodized ar-15 gun parts ; custom red anodized ar-15 gun parts ; blue anodized ar-15 gun parts. all blue anodized ar-15 gun parts

  3. Turning your aluminum gun parts black (anodized black color)

    In this video I'm showing you what I use to give my aluminum gun parts the color and finish of regular black anodized gun parts. To send one part at a time - as I do with parts for my YouTube color anodized aluminun parts

  4. Color Anodized Parts - AR15.COM

    Then you call them and ask when you can drop off your parts to be anodized whatever color they offer. Or google "gun anodizing" and ship your parts there. FWIWcolor anodized aluminun parts.Any black type 3 ano will have to be bead blasted clean. This will leave a more subdued satin/flat finishcolor anodized aluminun parts.raw aluminum is shiny/bright finish after color ano.

  5. Anodized Aluminum: Custom / Close ... - Superior Metals

    Anodized Aluminum: Our Services. Sulfuric Anodizing (Architectural Type II, Class I) provides excellent corrosion resistance; can be dyed to produce a variety of colors Modified Hardcoat (Hard Coat) Anodizing (Architectural Type III) for parts with "high wear" functions, when hardness and wear resistance are primary specification needs.

  6. Removing Anodizing From Aluminum Quickly and Easily.

    Hard anodized coating will come out very dark. Depending on the alloy it will be dark brown or dark grey. Another issue is that hard anodizing produces smaller pores (look it up) that makes it very difficult to accept a dye color. Most of the parts we do here that are hard anodized will only accept a black color. Any other color makes it look weird.

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