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  1. Tension Load Cells - Custom and Standard | Flintec

    The Flintec tension load cell range is ideally suited for process weighing, lifting and general measurement applications. Common uses include tank and silo weighing, patient hoist systems as well as tensile load cell machinery. Our tension loadcell collection has been specifically designed for durability.

  2. Tension Load Cells For All Applications | Load Cell Central

    Tension load cells are categorized by the way the sensor deflects when experiencing strain. A tension load cell is pulled apart, rather than pushed. Imagine the force on a tow rope. This rope is experiencing a tension force. Tension Links, S-Type load cells, Crane Scales, Canisters, and Pancakes are examples of load cell types that can measure tension forces.

  3. Tension Meter and Load Cells | Enerpac

    Tension meter and load cells with an accuracy of +/- 2% of full scale. Dual-range readout in kilograms and pounds.

  4. In line Load Cell | In line Load Cells

    In-line Load Cell | In-line Load Cells FUTEK provides a wide range of In-line Load Cells built for Endurance, Off-Center Loading, Press, or Inline applications. These models offer robust construction with a capacity range beginning at 25 lbs going up to 50,000 lbs. FUTEK has also developed a miniature series for applications where size and tight environments are critical.

  5. Compression Load Cell | Tension Load Cell | Supplier | HBM

    Tension and compression load cells from HBM are especially suitable for use in tank weighing, plant engineering and process weighing. Approvals are available for installation in scales that are subject to weights and measures legislation or used in potentially explosive atmospheres, e.g. from the German National Metrology Institute (PTB).

  6. Tension & Compression Load Cell | Standard & Bespoke ...

    Tension & Compression Load Cells - Introduction. Manufactured from stainless steel or aluminium alloy, these tension and compression load cells offer a high level of corrosive resistance for use in harsh environments with environmental sealing up to IP68. Available in capacities from 1kg to over 100 tonnes, all tension and compression load cells aretension load cell

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